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You can keep complaining or you can, like me, embrace it and be stronger.

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You can embrace the fact that Medium was always changing and will always change. There’s not gonna be a single quarter ever where Medium is not going to make a change.- Sinem Günel

One of the most beautiful things about Medium is that you have top writers always sharing their…

Everything is being sucked into this new financial world, and you’ve got not to be left behind.

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I think we’ve entered The Exponential Age: an era where the digital and physical paths finally converge and everything is disrupted- for good.- Raoul Pal in realvision.com

Our brains are programmed to think linearly, and that’s the main reason we have so much difficulty picturing the exponential growth concept.


Enabled by crypto, digitally native economies are quickly emerging.

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Have you ever watched the movie Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg?

Prepare yourself because this article will talk about strange concepts, virtual themes, digital ideas, and basically, how the future is being designed.

I’m 45 years old and I spend half of my life playing a strategy soccer game…

The trend we’ve been seeing develop in real estate continues its trajectory of two years ago.

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The Fiat masters play their games and not only do they steal from us, but they are also rent seekers and they print money and steal our savings to make it impossible for our children’s to buy their houses, because they have to compete with Blackrock.-

Genuinely reward thought-provoking content.

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I recently read a brilliant article from a fabulous writer called Benjamin Sledge about Medium.

It was a suggestion from my friend Michael Thompson, so thank you, Michael.

Actually, the title of this article was taken from Benjamin Sledge’s article.

From a face-to-face perspective, Sledge spent more time sharing solutions…

Everybody wants a piece of the meme coin market.

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We’re not just living in inflationary times.

Money is everywhere. Money is trying to find different ways of earning interest rates as central banks keep pumping more money into the system.

Therefore, a phenomenon like meme coins, NFTs, or any other creative invention happens more often.

Meme coins like Shiba…

Don’t focus exclusively on the Federal Reserve.

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Bitcoin is where the excitement is.

Gold bugs are increasingly disbelieving in the anti-cyclic power of the precious metal as the price tends to resist the positive trend of these last quarters.

And at a time when generational forces are starting to put Millenials in charge of the Baby Boomers’…

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