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Single father of two girls. Reader addict. Writer for The Startup, The Ascent, DataDrivenInvestor, Illumination, and The Inovation.

( The eight-month journey as a full-in-love writer)

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Deep thinking to deep learning.

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The ignorant are ignorant of their ignorance.- Peter Baskerville

The party goes on until it doesn’t. One of these days somebody will need extra taxes to pay the bills.

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How Cynthia Lummis, an United States Senator from Wyoming, is innovating the sound of money in the heart of America.

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  • How big is our potential market?
  • Will this market grow or shrink in the future?
  • What market share do our competitors own?

9 brilliant strategies about writing through MJ’s inspirational life.

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A journey to transform anxiety into mindful writing.

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Loneliness is not a lack of company. Loneliness is a lack of purpose.- Guilhermo Maldonado

Sometimes, the advice you tell other people is the advice you need to follow.

How little farmers and ordinary people are renewing their soil.

Regenerate soil.
Regenerate soil.
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This new financial world will be focused on your singularity.

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We so often deviate from our writers’ avatar.

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About how to hit play again and restart from zero.

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