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I write about Finance, Macro Economy, Personal Growth, and Writing. Editor for The Price of Tomorrow, writer for DataDrivenInvestor, and Illumination.

An astonishing startup found the perfect network to make the shift.

Blessed are the meek, for they will possess the earth.(Matthew 5:5)

How can the meek survive when technology disruption steals most jobs?

We want to believe life is going well, the economy is working smoothly until it doesn’t. Housing prices are going to the roof, cars are getting pricy, the stock market is at all times high, and the party goes on.

On the other hand, tech devices, clothes, and services are getting cheaper (especially online).

If technology is causing a deflationary movement, why are certain things getting more and more expensive?

It seems we have two worlds colliding with…

Anticipating what will come, makes you the smartest person in town.

Dramatic events have marked the rhythm of economic and cultural cycles for centuries.

Whoever has the opportunity to understand these cycles will always have the advantage of identifying the signs, anticipating the events, and taking all kinds of hedges.

Understanding the ‘fourth turning’ is a crucial exercise, even more so today, when we are approaching the last half of the last cycle.

Something dramatic happens at the end of the fourth cycle, where social motivations, political and cultural structures, and individualism are called into question, reformulated, and a new order is born from the ashes.

You can have these souces…

Who’s going to be the number one with China’s astronomical rise

If you’ve been analyzing the dollar’s macroeconomic structure and the United States monetary system, you get the growing feeling that we’re getting to the end of something that no one knows what it is.

The dollar has fifty years as the main reserve currency in the world. A half-century may seem to be the magic number, but most analysts predict we’re getting to the end of the dollar.

And one of these people is Ray Dalio. One of his phrases did bother me.

For example, if you don’t understand how the Roaring ’20s led to a debt bubble and a…

The party goes on until it doesn’t. One of these days somebody will need extra taxes to pay the bills.

Doesn’t it smell like burning?

The Federal Reserve issued 1.9 trillion dollars and is already preparing the next dose to improve an incurable disease. But the friend IMF showed up to help, creating a new vaccine called SDR, with over 500 billion dollars made out of thin air. The friend IMF says it’s to help the poor countries, can you imagine?

Today I made the decision to sell 90% of my portfolio. Why?

I lost faith in the system. I feel I’m losing money-power day by day. But I also think that shortly, the whole system will collapse.

The Fed…


Running doesn’t just make you a healthier person; it also makes you wealthier

I never thought running had anything to do with wealth, but I was wrong.

In fact, wealth preservation has more to do with running than anything else, and you know why? It has to do with resilience.

I did my first marathon in 2006 and finished a couple of them after that. Yet, one day I saw a Youtube video about a group of guys and girls running in the mountains, and I told myself That’s precisely what I would love to do.

I ended up being a guest from some trail runner folks from my hometown, and from then…

Don’t just listen to the short versions.

As I keep writing about the blockchain and Bitcoin, I receive messages from readers saying emotional things about my thoughts. Some of them even call me offensive names.

I know this is a very emotional topic. Money turns people a little crueler when they discuss macroeconomic theories. And I’ve been bombed with some aggressive responses from some of my followers.

Yet, I read all my comments because I want to know what people think about my thoughts. I’m not always right, and for sure, I’m not a financial guru. Yet, even gurus make wrong assumptions about the future. …

My long-term journey as a full-time writer has just begun.

When I started my full-time writing journey, I bought one whiteboard to write my long-time goals, the processes I wanted to use, and my weekly achievements.

The first thing I wrote in the up middle of my whiteboard was:

$6,000 per month

We can all discuss if it would be better or not to put another kind of long-time goal, like “being a top writer,” or “being a respectful writer,” or even “publish a book.”

Yet, personally, having a high hard goal with an exact number is enough to build a strong structure, a business plan, and a daily routine…

And the honest reason I feel like an ultra-marathonist.

As you can see by the photo above, I’m a trail runner. I do ultra-marathons in high mountains. Yes, those crazy people running into the darkness in dangerous mountains for hours and hours. I’m proudly one of them.

I also started my full-time writing journey four months ago, in December 2020. As a non-native writer, a Portuguese dude, it has been one of the most honored challenges I’ve ever had in my life.

Medium is a wonderful community of indie writers. And because I always loved indie music, it fits perfectly well.

So, let’s stop talking about myself, and let’s…

Everything is being sucked into this new financial world, and you’ve got not to be left behind.

I think we’ve entered The Exponential Age: an era where the digital and physical paths finally converge and everything is disrupted- for good.- Raoul Pal in

Our brains are programmed to think linearly, and that’s the main reason we have so much difficulty picturing the exponential growth concept.

However, we can grab the example of Kodak to understand more straightforwardly the difference between linear and exponential phenomenon.

Kodak created the first digital camera in 1975. Yet, the company quit developing such innovative creations because it didn’t want to damage its monopoly in the photographic film business.

At that time…

Before you look like a moron, why don’t you experience another strategy?

In December 2020, I quit my job.

I couldn’t stand being aside by my ex-boss anymore. She always said I was the company’s real estate manager, but she constantly disallowed me in front of the sales team and even in front of our customers.

It was hopeless until one day I said- enough!

Fortunately, I found a full-time job as a writer, but sometimes I remember how hard it was to go to work and face a complete lack of leadership in a company that had everything to succeed.

In reality, the company’s stagnation was the result of constant leadership…

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