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I write about Finance, Macro Economy, Innovation, and Crypto. Editor for The Price of Tomorrow, writer for The Startup, and DataDrivenInvestor.

Everything is being sucked into this new financial world, and you’ve got not to be left behind.

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I think we’ve entered The Exponential Age: an era where the digital and physical paths finally converge and everything is disrupted- for good.- Raoul Pal in

Our brains are programmed to think linearly, and that’s the main reason we have so much difficulty picturing the exponential growth concept.

However, we can grab the example of Kodak to understand more straightforwardly the difference between linear and exponential phenomenon.

Kodak created the first digital camera in 1975. Yet, the company quit developing such innovative creations because it didn’t want to damage its monopoly in the photographic film business.

At that time…

An astonishing startup found the perfect network to make the shift.

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Blessed are the meek, for they will possess the earth.(Matthew 5:5)

How can the meek survive when technology disruption steals most jobs?

We want to believe life is going well, the economy is working smoothly until it doesn’t. Housing prices are going to the roof, cars are getting pricy, the stock market is at all times high, and the party goes on.

On the other hand, tech devices, clothes, and services are getting cheaper (especially online).

If technology is causing a deflationary movement, why are certain things getting more and more expensive?

It seems we have two worlds colliding with…

The Great Reset broke into 4 sections.

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It’s the right thing to do. It’s time to reinvent capitalism post-coronavirus.- Doug McMillon, Walmart’s CEO

For most people, money history is a boring theme.

So rest assured, I won’t bother you with storytelling on how a native from a remote island exchanged goods with his neighbor.

Halfway there, you’d been asleep, anyway.

I will shorten the path and explain to you, in four points, how the world will turn upside down its entire monetary system.

If you know how to be on the right side, you’ll benefit first.

1) How It Was Created The First Fake Money

England needed money to defeat the French. In 1694 the British…

Enabled by crypto, digitally native economies are quickly emerging.

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Have you ever watched the movie Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg?

Prepare yourself because this article will talk about strange concepts, virtual themes, digital ideas, and basically, how the future is being designed.

I’m 45 years old and I spend half of my life playing a strategy soccer game called Football Manager. Yet the digital world belongs to GenZ and there are currently 68 million citizens between 6 and 24 years old in the United States alone.

This generation of young kids is the first one born into a full digital era. We can add here also GenY, that…

Don’t just listen to the short versions.

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As I keep writing about the blockchain and Bitcoin, I receive messages from readers saying emotional things about my thoughts. Some of them even call me offensive names.

I know this is a very emotional topic. Money turns people a little crueler when they discuss macroeconomic theories. And I’ve been bombed with some aggressive responses from some of my followers.

Yet, I read all my comments because I want to know what people think about my thoughts. I’m not always right, and for sure, I’m not a financial guru. Yet, even gurus make wrong assumptions about the future. …

In the north, people are harmer, landscapes are greener, and the food is superb.

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Amarante is a small town in the north, thirty kilometers from the second larger city of Portugal, Porto.

Tamega river begins its course near Verín, Galicia, Spain, and flows into Douro river that stops its course in the city of Porto.

In my summer vacation I always spend one week in the north, and another week in the south. Last year we went to Geres, on the north border with Spain. This year we wanted to enjoy the beautiful river beaches that surround the wine-growing slopes of northern Portugal.

Northern cities are filled with iconic buildings, wine farms with history…

If you’d write just for yourself, you’d be your unique superfan, but you’re not.

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Some criticisms hurt my gut, but as an indie writer, I have to read every comment, count to ten, and move on.

Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.- Winston Churchill.

I never respond to negative criticism. Especially if people are very offensive on words about my character or even about my thoughts about a particular topic.

I never respond, first because I’m a creator: I don’t have time to read and respond to everyone.

Second, because I’m…

How knowledge and happiness can be the two magic sauces to an abundant future.

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I’ve just finished reading the book The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. One of the best books I’ve ever read about how to manage money.

In one of his last chapters, Housel talked about the ENOUGH concept. He studied billionaires like Warren Buffett and made unique analyses of Buffett’s trajectory in his almost 80-year-old investment timeframe.

ENOUGH means people have one top target to their fortune. This concept was mind-blowing because it explains the difference between people who love building businesses and contributing to society or those who love money just. …

After the hype curve takes action, then I’ll invest in other cryptos.

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I’ve been buying Bitcoin and Ethereum in a dollar-cost-average style since the early 2020s. I also have been purchasing the S&P500 ETF on a dollar-cost-average since 2017.

Why don’t I buy just stocks? Why don’t I purchase other cryptos beyond BTC and ETH?

The main reason is that I’m not a professional trader. The other reason is that I don’t have enough time to spend studying individual stocks or other crypto projects.

Most recently, I’ve been learning some things about Cardano and Solana. Yet, not only do I not know enough about these projects, but I also think they need…

In the Exponential Age, tokens and communities will dictate trends and abundance.

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Ethereum is a supercomputer. Ethereum uses blockchain technology to decentralize every piece of technology or app you currently use.- Tim Denning

It should be easier to understand, but since Ethereum was created by developers and coders, the best thing you and I can have is their complex explanation.

Tim Denning did an excellent job by explaining what Ethereum is in an ordinary people’s version.

If you go to, Vitalik Buterin’s creation, it’s explained that Ethereum is a technology that’s home to digital money, global payments, and applications. The community has built a booming digital economy, bold new ways for…

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